The Economic History Association of Israel promotes research and teaching in Israel in the fields of economic and business history.

The Association was founded in 2012 and has more than 300 members from a wide variety of disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, and law. 

The Association is member of the International Economic History Association. It is run by a steering committee: Ron Harris (President), Dror Goldberg (Secretary), Nathan Sussman, Yannay Spitzer, Merav Haklai, Eli Cook, Orly Meron.

Annual meetings are held every December. Lectures in English are possible at the Annual Meeting. Keynote speakers included:

Regina Grafe (European University Institute, 2020)

Naomi Lamoreaux (Yale, 2018).

Michael D. Bordo (Rutgers, 2017). 

Other speakers included Maya Shatzmiller (Western Ontario, 2019), Marlous van Waijenburg (Michigan, 2018).

If you plan to be in Israel during the Winter Break, contact us in June for the English version of the Call for Papers for that year: secretary@eha-israel.org .